Like windows, doors are usually chosen for their dimensions, shape and opening mechanism. We consider how practical, robust, and durable they are, sometimes to the point of ignoring overall aesthetics. And yet, there’s an infinite array of colours to choose from when selecting materials. While houses with white or black doors and windows are a safe choice, a pop of colour on a façade can be a standout option.

Dare to go bold

Just because you don’t live in London doesn’t mean you can’t have a red door. In fact, a colourful entryway is always inviting. And you can increase the charm factor of your home by choosing doors and windows in different shades. If your doors are a bright colour, pick windows in a more subdued shade for an attractive contrast.

Colour inside the frames

You can also opt for different interior and exterior finishes. To accentuate your interior décor, choose a dark colour that will make your windows stand out. If, on the other hand, you want your windows to blend into the background, go with a shade similar or identical to that on your walls. Picking different colours for your doors and windows is a bold way to add life to your house. Get started by looking for inspiration in interior decorating magazines or on Pinterest.

Get the real wood look  

Did you know that doors are also available in an imitation wood finish? We love wood for its rustic country look, but we’re less taken with the amount of maintenance it needs. That’s what makes steel and fibreglass doors in an imitation wood finish such a great compromise. Find out more at your Vaillancourt Doors and Windows retailer.

Enjoy impeccable colour that lasts

For doors and windows in vivid, long-lasting colour, the paint you choose must adhere perfectly to the surface and resist chipping, cracking or peeling. In 2009, Vaillancourt Doors and Windows invested in a state-of-the-art paint room to better meet these standards. We can now also offer you a larger palette of custom and standard colours, on demand. Looking for crushed tomato red? No problem, our Vaillancourt Doors and Windows technicians will be happy to blend it for you. Remember that you can choose different shades for your interior and exterior frames. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour!

Are you planning on replacing your doors and/or windows? Visit your nearest Vaillancourt Doors and Windows retailer, and an advisor will be happy to assist.