Why choose Vaillancourt sliding doors?

Superior energy efficiency

Our patio doors exceed construction standards and are among the most airtight, watertight and windproof. Panes are installed in the insulated part of the wall, increasing their resistance to condensation. The triple glass option also offers increased energy performance.

Increased tamper resistance

Numerous safety options ensure high resistance to breaking and entering attempts. You may also add a security bar, a foot lock, a 4-point multi-anchor lock and a key lock that locks your patio door from the outside.

Adaptable & customizable

Our sliding doors offer a great deal of flexibility, depending on the model chosen: sidelights, transom windows, integrated blinds and handle finishes are just a few of the ways you can customize your door to make it exactly the way you want it. Our lifting door option allows you to have a larger door without any weight issues on the mechanisms.

White PVC sliding patio door model named Imagine. Two window panes for a patio door with superior energy efficiency

Imagine patio door in white PVC

Black PVC and hybrid aluminum sliding door, patio door model 550 with triple grilles on top of the two glass panels

Patio door model 550 with grilles

Loft lift & Slide patio door model in black PVC with 2 window panels from Vaillancourt Doors and Windows

Loft lift & Slide patio door in black

Patio door model Element in charcoal

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Available models



Welded PVC
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Welded PVC
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Hybrid (PVC + aluminum)
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Available options

Patio doors

Integrated blinds

For maximum intimacy while keeping a chic and uncluttered look, integrated blinds are a good choice. Two colours are offered: white or satin grey.

Variety of handles (hardware)

Depending on your patio door model, you can choose a standard handle or a high-end handle (as an option). All handles are available in white. Some models are offered with different finishes. They can also be painted in the colour of your choice.

9600 (R-630)
Look (R-550, Element and Imagine)
View (Option for R 550, Element and Imagine)
Studio (Urbania)
Kora (Loft)

Lift and Slide option for larger doors

The lift and Slide option on our sliding door models allows for the construction of a larger door without worrying about glass weight on the mechanisms. When you lift the handle, the door lowers itself and the airtight/watertight seal presses against the threshold, thus blocking any door movement.

Video of the lift and Slide mechanism

Strong security bar

Equip your patio door with a strong security bar with an adjustable end cap that blocks the doors sliding mechanism. An extra reassuring safety measure! 

Customized locking mechanism

Your patio door's locking mechanism can also be customized: it can be 1-point or 2-point or even a key lock.

Foot lock for additional protection

For even more security, you can add a foot lock bolt that can be locked in 3 positions. 

Sidelights and transom windows to brighten your home

To let maximum light into your home, add sidelights and transom windows to your door: you'll have more glass surfaces!

Grilles and panels to customize your doors

Add a little extra elegance to your door by installing sealed grilles between two panes of thermos or choose among a wide variety of panels that will give your home a unique style. The grilles integrated between two panels are available in all colours.

Aperçu de carrelage intégré rectangulaire 1/4" x 1" de couleur blanc pour personnaliser votre porte d’entrée de Vaillancourt
1/4" x 1" white
Rectangular 1/4" x 5/8" gray intercept grilles to customize your Vaillancourt front entry door
1/4" x 5/8" grey
1/4" x 5/16" lead
Tubular silver
Tubular brass
Georgien 45 mm white
45 mm white
5/8" brass
1" white

Unlimited Choice of Colours

Your colour options are endless! Here are some of the most popular shades. And if you don’t see what you want among our 30+ standard colours, simply bring us a sample and we’ll create it for you!

View most popular colours

Standard characteristics

Patio doors

Strong frame

Sliding doors are made with a strong wood, PVC or aluminium door frame that is assembled mechanically.

Sealed sashes

With PVC or hybrid (aluminium & PVC) sashes welded by thermofusion for maximum air and watertightness.

Resistant screen

Screening has a simple and easy mounting system that is easy to clean. Its fiberglass construction is strong and tight. The screen frame is made of enamelled aluminium.

Technical information

Patio doors

Patio door frames

Patio door frames are available in PVC or in a hybrid material (PVC & aluminium).


Panorama, head, contour and regular-style grilles are available.

Energy efficient configuration

Sashes and thermal glass are installed in the insulated section of walls and multi-cavities for unmatched energy efficiency. 

Insulated glass

Our standard patio doors models are equipped with 1" Low-E argon-filled glass or 1.25" triple-layer glass.

Door threshold

Threshold in natural anodized aluminium.

Door sweep

Adjustable door sweep.


Patio doors

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