Vaillancourt paint

Vaillancourt’s advanced painting technology

La technologie avancée de la peinture de Vaillancourt
Vaillancourt has been manufacturing colour PVC windows for close to 25 years. In response to the increased demand for colour windows, the company invested in an ultra-modern paint room in 2009. Thanks to its R&D efforts and the 2012 expansion of the paint room, which now occupies 12,000 ft2, Vaillancourt is well-positioned to offer you quality paint delivered faster than the competition.

Applied in a controlled environment using the best equipment available on the market, Vaillancourt paint produces better surface adhesion and strong resistance to chipping, cracking and peeling. With the option of a wide variety of standard and custom colours, the colour palette is now virtually unlimited.


Matching doors and windows colours

Since each order is processed individually, Vaillancourt can guarantee that the colour of your entrance doors, patio doors and windows will match—a simple request that adds so much value.

Interior doors and windows colour

A trendy selection available in a full range of colours, even for the interior.

Imitation wood finish doors

Get the look of a real wood door without the maintenance and high price tag that come with it.

Two-component acrylic polyurethane paint for doors and windows

Vaillancourt uses a high-quality two-component acrylic polyurethane paint. This higher-gloss paint holds on to its shine and colour and reduces surface heat retention. It is extremely resistant to scratches and chalking, salty ocean air and industrial pollution.

Vaillancourt stands out from the competition by offering a large colour palette with a huge array of colours to choose from (over 30 standard colours) contrary to the competition that offers on average 5 standard colours.  Contrary to popular brands on the market, for example POLYCRON, that opt for a thin layer application where colours rapidly fade and change over time, Vaillancourt paint distinguishes itself with its thick layer application and colour fade resistance.

The resistance of Vaillancourt paint is an intelligent choice and is ideal for commercial use and on tall buildings such as towers and condominiums.

It comes with a lifetime warranty against non-uniform discolouration (not exceeding 5 delta units) on high-quality paints applied in the plant by Vaillancourt (according to standard AAMA-2604. For DURACRON or equivalent paints (according to standard AAMA-2603), Vaillancourt offers a five-year warranty against non-uniform discolouration (not exceeding 8 delta units). Please consult the warranty for more information.

Anodized finishes for aluminium-pvc windows

Clear anodized colour finishes are a trendy choice right now for modern homes and commercial applications. The colour is obtained through an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into an oxide finish. Anodizing creates a layer of aluminium oxide on the part to protect it against rust and aging. The aluminum oxide is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, but is fully integrated into the underlying aluminum substrate.

It comes with a five-year warranty against non-uniform discolouration (not exceeding 8 delta units) and meets specification AAMA 611-12 of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.  Please consult the warranty for more information.