Several considerations come into play when deciding on how to dress your windows: the need for privacy, the filtering of natural light, and to create balance in room decor are a few. Choosing a window treatment should not only be based on practicality, but should also be in harmony with the room and consider the architectural shape of your window. To help guide you in this process, we’d like to share some of our expert tips and the latest trends in window treatments.

Sheers: size and transparency

Sheers fit all decorating styles and filter out unwanted light while retaining the brightness of your room. This type of treatment is ideal for larger rooms like your living room or dining room. The trend is to hang sheers from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling to create an air of spacious elegance to your room.

Alternated blinds: subtle and refined

Alternated blinds are popular for their stylish and contemporary look but also for the benefits they provide: they allow light to pass while preserving privacy. This trendy and popular choice is perfectly suited for Vaillancourt’s awning or sliding window.

Drapes: softness and intimacy

For certain rooms, some people prefer a cozier atmosphere. The bedroom, for example, is the most comfortable and relaxing room in the house. Nothing compares to curtains to give the room a warm and enveloping character. Additionally, you can double up the fabric to further block the passage of light and to even absorb sound from outside.

Motorized curtains: ideal for small spaces

Sometimes windows can be located in hard to reach places such as a stairwell, a mezzanine or a bathroom. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we have windows designed to suit any environment. In these situations, motorized curtains may be the perfect choice. Their integrated motors allow you to operate them using a remote control and they are available in a large variety of fabrics to filter or reduce sunlight.

Caution: avoid thermal shock

You should know that your windows may suffer a thermal break (crack) on the inside if they experience sudden changes in temperature. The indoor environment can significantly increase this difference in temperature of the two sides. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get advice from a professional prior to choosing your window treatment so you can avoid big temperature change.

Please ask any questions you have to a Vaillancourt Doors and Windows representative. They’d be happy to help out.