Financeit is Canada’s leading point-of-sale lender in the home renovation sector. More than 8,000 companies already work with Financeit! Here’s why.

Renovate now, pay over time

Think you can’t afford to replace all your windows at once? Think again! With Financeit, you can profit from your investment now and then make low monthly payments at a lower interest rate than any credit card.

Personalized financing

Take advantage of financing solutions adapted to your situation and budget. You can choose how long you want to take to pay back the loan (from 12 months to 10 years) and whether you prefer to repay in fixed instalments or pay off the entire balance without penalty. Set payments that fit your budget.

Apply online with fast approval

When you’re ready to choose your doors and windows, it takes just minutes to submit a financing application and confirm that you qualify. Do it all online! With Financeit, forget about long and involved application processes.

See for yourself! Use the Financeit Payment Calculator

The Financeit financing program offers attractive financial support that can cover your entire door and window purchase with us.

Are you wondering what your monthly, bi-weekly or weekly door and window payments would work out to? Get an estimate in seconds using the Financeit Payment Calculator.

Try the calculator

Still unsure? Find out how much you qualify to borrow, without obligation.

It can be difficult to settle on door and window models and options when you don’t know how much you qualify to borrow.

Ask your Vaillancourt Doors and Windows retailer if it participates in the Financeit financing program. It can provide you a private link for verifying whether you qualify and how much you could borrow, from the comfort of your home.

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