You may not live in a mansion, but you can create the illusion that you do. How? By experimenting with your window dressings. Follow these tips!

What’s the point of window treatments?

All windows should have a covering of some sort, be it light or heavy. It enhances the décor in a room and acts as a privacy screen. Feeling watched is never pleasant, especially late at night. For window dressings that add a sense of space to your rooms, there are three things to keep in mind: light, lightness, and transparency.

Let there be light

A bright space is a larger space! Choose a voile or sheer curtain. It lets in light while filtering out blinding rays so you can still identify whatever’s playing on your screens! It also adds a sense of movement, which helps give an illusion of space. Another plus, a voile curtain works with any interior design style, from the ultra-classic to the über-contemporary.

Opt for unobtrusive blinds

Not a fan of a voile curtain? Then go with blinds that can be folded back and virtually disappear with a quick twist of your wrist. They come in various degrees of opacity; choose the most transparent to add a sense of space. As for colour, pick lighter shades. Once again, the brighter a room, the bigger it appears.

Think outside the basement box

The basement is rarely the most attractive room in a house. Windows there serve a purely functional purpose, limited to allowing light and air to enter. In order to give the impression that your basement could hold over 50 people, all you need is a little imagination. Treat it as if you had a patio door. Install a large curtain rod that spans the length of the wall you want to cover. Then choose sheer panels that match the height of your room. Now take a step back to admire how this makes your basement seem expansive.

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