Why choose a Vaillancourt front door?

Among the most energy efficient

Our entrance doors will help you save on your heating and cooling bills, especially when combined with our windows. For doors with windows, we add a microscopic metallic coating on the glass and we usually replace the compressed air between the glass panels with argon, an inert gas.

Entrance doors that match your taste 100%

We have numerous customization options for you: sidelights and transom windows for increased glass area, increased colour options for a little extra punch, glass that lets in light while preserving your intimacy... a bit of everything for everyone's taste!

Unique paint and technique

Vaillancourt doors keep their shine and colour for dozens of years, while also being resistent to chipping, splitting, cracking, scratching, fading, salty environments and industrial pollution. The secret? Our unique paint application and high-quality paint.

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Khaki coloured steel front door for your house with Masterline glass in three rectangles and a door handle on the right

Coloured door with Masterline glass

Customizable black house entry door in steel with satin glass in the center and silver handle and lock on the right-hand side

Black entrance door with satin glass

Porte Novatech Mundo

Blue Tao entrance door

White steel home entry door with 23" × 65" Pure glass separated in 3 by black horizontal lines and sandblasted glass finish

White entrance door with Pure glass

Look at examples of our achievements

Available options

Available options

Entry doors

Entrance door opening direction

You also choose the door opening direction: inside left, outside left, inside right, outside right.

Illustration of a French door opening direction. You can choose interior or exterior left and interior or exterior right

Stained glass windows to preserve your privacy

You can choose from our most popular stained-glass windows to let light into your home while preserving your privacy.

Arima 23’’ x 49’’

Panels to customize your door

To give your door a special distinction, choose from a wide selection of panels that will give your home a unique style.

White steel front entry door with two classic solid panels with plain top to customize your home’s front door
Classique 2P haut uni

Sidelights and transom windows to brighten your home

To let maximum light into your home, add sidelights and transom windows to your door: you'll have more glass surfaces!

Frame representing a simple type of sidelights configuration for the steel entry door for your home
Configuration #1

Grilles and panels to customize your doors

Add a little extra elegance to your door by installing sealed grilles between two panes of thermos or choose among a wide variety of panels that will give your home a unique style. The grilles integrated between two panels are available in all colours.

Aperçu de carrelage intégré rectangulaire 1/4" x 1" de couleur blanc pour personnaliser votre porte d’entrée de Vaillancourt
1/4" x 1" white

Unlimited Choice of Colours

Your colour options are endless! Here are some of the most popular shades. And if you don’t see what you want among our 30+ standard colours, simply bring us a sample and we’ll create it for you!

View most popular colours

Decorative appliques to give a unique character to your door

Update your decor by adding decorative appliques on Vog or Oso doors. These appliques will give a remarkable appearance to your contemporary door.

Era 1

Finishes for ball bearing or spring door hinges

You can choose the colour and finish of your entrance door hinges to match the style of your home and your personal taste (stainless steel, brushed nickel, Venetian bronze, yellow zinc, etc.).

Three choices of finishes and colours for ball and spring door hinges among the selection for steel entry door for your home

Standard characteristics

Standard characteristics

Entry doors

Strong construction

Due to the exceptional quality of materials used such as PVC overlay wood door frames (or aluminium overlay if it is painted), our 24-calibre steel entrance doors are extremely solid and even surpass industry strength requirements.

Technical information

Technical information

Entry doors

Wood frame

1/4", 7 1/4", 8 5/8" or 9 1/4".

Steel door panel

Polyurethane insulated steel doors with engineered wood structures and finished with textured wood.


PVC or aluminium covering.

Entrance door frame

A pine frame measuring 1 5/8'' exterior and 1 1/8" interior, exceed most market standards.


Anodized aluminium threshold (regular or black).

Door sweep

Adjustable door sweep.



Entry doors