Our representatives offer contractors turnkey services before, during and after their construction projects. Our more than 75 years of door and window manufacturing have allowed us to develop efficient and unique services for contractors.

Why choose Vaillancourt Doors and Windows?

Choosing Vaillancourt means choosing high-performance doors and windows that respect all current construction regulations and are easy to install. It also means ensuring great service during projects, for example, having regular follow-ups from our representatives. Also, rest assured that we protect our products properly during transportation and they will arrive in great shape at the construction site.

Something that is very distinctive with Vaillancourt is that you will receive alerts from us at two specific times:

  • 3 weeks before the start of production for your doors and windows (you may also postpone the date if your site has fallen behind)
  • 3 working days prior to product delivery (you will thus be able to notify your installation team)

We are very flexible in our communication methods: if you prefer text messages, we can do that, too!

Special services for contractors

Here are a few of the services contractors may benefit from, upon request:

  • Delivery made by at least 2 Vaillancourt employees for increased efficiency and speed
  • Loan of temporary work-site door during construction work until the real door is installed
  • Styrofoam door protection to protect the real door until the construction work is finished
  • Door jam protection (threshold, 2 frame mounts and vertical mullions) to avoid damage during construction
  • Separate packaging for window screens, garden doors and patio doors in order to keep them clean and intact until the end of construction
  • Expertise in multi-story buildings

Ask our representatives your questions

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