Choosing new windows is a major decision, particularly given the number of years we hope to keep them. The secret to making the right choice is to be well informed. The following is an interview with the Director of Sales and Marketing at Vaillancourt Doors and Windows.

What should the first criterion be when shopping for windows?

Deciding on the colour of the windows should be the first order of business, as this will have an impact on the type of windows chosen. For example, customers who prefer darker colours might prefer a hybrid window. We offer 30 standard colours at Vaillancourt Doors and Windows. If you’d like a very specific shade, such as lavender blue, we can also prepare this colour for you.

Which opening mechanisms best ensure water-tightness?

Generally speaking, casement and awning windows are the most water-tight. Our performance tests have also shown our new hung windows to be highly efficient; they’re delivering impressive results.

Do you have any other advice to increase the energy efficiency of windows?

It’s important to note that energy performance remains the same whether you choose PVC or aluminum windows. It’s the glass that makes the difference. So the question you’ll need to ask yourself is should I opt for double or triple glazing? At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we offer a triple glazing option for all of our windows to provide you with greater energy savings.

The energy efficiency of our glass products is also heightened by the following two features:

  • A LOW-E coating, which reflects outside heat indoors in winter and prevents UV rays from penetrating in summer.
  • Argon gas, which is heavier than air and is injected between the glass panes, further enhancing the window’s insulation properties.

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