Why we love sliding windows

As affordable as they are durable

Our sliding windows are our model with the least hardware, making them the most affordable and with the least long-term risk of breakage. In spite of simple construction, they are also more durable than other models.

They open gently

The panes open easily due to the simple and efficient tandem roller system integrated in our sliding windows. The nylon rollers are integrated under the moveable panes.

Flexible & versatile

You have many choices of configurations with sliding windows, whether single or double. They can be used in confined spaces such as apartments or basements. The tilt latch system on the panes also allows them to be clean from the exterior or interior.

White PVC sliding window

Coloured single sliding window

Single sliding window

Double sliding window

Available options

Choice of single or double sliding windows

Single sliding windows are comprised of a fixed section on one side and a moveable pane on the other whereas the double sliding window offers two moveable panes.

Various configurations of sliding windows

Configurations vary depending on the window model: single sliding (red arrows on the image) or double sliding (blue arrows on the image).

2 sections
2 sections combined
3 sections
3 sections combined

Complete line of grilles

Give your home unique style by adding grilles sealed between two glass panes.

Choice of exterior trim moulding

Here are trim mouldings for windows assembled with transom windows and/or architectural windows (measurements are in inches).

1 1/4" x 3 1/2"
1 1/8" x 1 1/8"
1 1/8" x 1 1/8"
1 1/8" x 1 1/8"
1 1/8" x 1/2"
1 1/8" x 1 1/8"
1 1/4" x 3 1/2"

Variety of integrated grilles

Integrated grilles between glass panels are available in all colours and adapt to the colour chosen for the entire window.

1/4" x 1" white
1/4" x 5/8" grey
1/4" x 5/16" lead
Tubular silver
Tubular brass
45 mm white
5/8" brass
1" white

Unlimited choice of colours

We have unlimited colour choices! Here are some of the most popular. If the colour you are looking for is not among our 30+ standard options, bring us a sample and we will develop it for you!

Commercial brown
Iron ore
Ice white
Bright red
Antique brown
Chestnut brown

Vaillancourt energy efficient glass (double or triple)

Our energy efficient glass is equipped with a microscopic metallic film. In addition, an inert gas (argon) is added between the glass panels to preserve interior heat in winter and coolness in summer.

More than just helping relieve condensation issues, energy efficient glass offers unmatched performance and substantial savings.

Standard characteristics

Roller system for gentle sliding

Gentle sliding is guaranteed with our simple and efficient tandem roller system with integrated nylon rollers under moveable panes. Unlike other window systems, the limited amount of hardware parts gives this window an economic advantage and reduce long-term risk of breakage without compromising quality and durability.

Lock & practical tilt latch

The sliding window lock system combined with an integrated, aesthetically pleasing tilt latch system allows panes to tilt easily. With the help of buttons on each end, cleaning your windows from the inside is easy, too.

Strong screen

Screens offer a simple mounting system that is easy to clean. Manufactured in fiberglass, they are strong and tight. Screen frames are made of enamelled aluminium.

Technical information


Sashes and mouldings

Exterior sashes and interior mouldings are offered in contemporary styles that blend beautifully with our casement and awning family of products. The sashes are equipped with an exterior glazing for an impeccable and streamlined finish.

All-PVC frame

Multi-chamber 5 5/8" deep made entirely of PVC.

Gasket seal

Invisible gasket seal around the sealed glass, both interior and exterior.


Cavities made of 1/2" drywall and 3/4'' wood cavities built into the frame.

Double or triple glazing

Standard double 7/8" glazing with non-conductive spacers at the extremities. Option of triple 1 1/4" glazing that greatly improves energy performance.

Triple weatherstripping

Sliding window systems offer triple brush-style weatherstripping. They are all grey to avoid discolouration and are positioned on the sash for a perfect seal.

Energy performance

Single sliding windows – White and coloured PVC

Product model Type of glass Width of grilles
mm (inches)
U Factor
W/m2-K (Btu/h ft2-F)1
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)2 ER factor3 ENERGY STAR
February 2015
NRC ref. no.
CS-DOUBLE_ARG_LOWE Double None 1,7 (0,3) 0,52 32 1|2 NR6769-14105647-ES
CS-DOUBLE_ARG_LOWE_CARR<1 Double <25mm(<1) 1,7 (0,3) 0,47 29 1|2 NR6769-14105648-ES
CS-TRIPLE_2ARG_1LOWE Triple 1 Low E None 1,31 (0,23)   38 1|2|3 NR6769-14105650-ES
CS-TRIPLE_2ARG_1LOWE_CARR<1 Triple 1 Low E <25mm(<1) 1,31 (0,23)   35 1|2|3 NR6769-14105652-ES
CS-TRIPLE_2ARG_1LOWE_CARR?1 Triple 1 Low E >=25mm(>=1) 1,36 (0,24)   31 1|2 NR6769-14105651-ES
CS-TRIPLE_2ARG_2LOWE Triple 2 Low E None 1,14 (0,2)   38 1|2|3 NR6769-14105653-ES
CS-TRIPLE_2ARG_2LOWE_CARR<1 Triple 2 Low E <25mm(<1) 1,14 (0,2)   35 1|2|3 NR6769-14105655-ES
CS-TRIPLE_2ARG_2LOWE_CARR?1 Triple 2 Low E >=25mm(>=1) 1,19 (0,21)   32 1|2|3 NR6769-14105654-ES

Double sliding windows – White and coloured PVC

Product model Type of glass Width of grilles
mm (inches)
U Factor
W/m2-K (Btu/h ft2-F)1
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)2 ER factor3 ENERGY STAR
February 2015
NRC ref. no.
CD-DOUBLE_ARG_LOWE Double None 1,65 (0,29) 0,5 32 1|2 NR6769-14105638-ES
CD-DOUBLE_ARG_LOWE_CARR<1 Double <25mm(<1) 1,65 (0,29) 0,45 29 1|2 NR6769-14105639-ES
CD-TRIPLE_2ARG_1LOWE Triple 1 Low E None 1,31 (0,23) 0,46 37 1|2|3 NR6769-14105641-ES
CD-TRIPLE_2ARG_1LOWE_CARR?1 Triple 1 Low E >25mm(>1) 1,31 (0,23) 0,36 31 1|2 NR6769-14105642-ES
CD-TRIPLE_2ARG_1LOWE_CARR<1 Triple 1 Low E <25mm(<1) 1,31 (0,23) 0,41 34 1|2|3 NR6769-14105643-ES
CD-TRIPLE_2ARG_2LOWE Triple 2 Low E None 1,14 (0,2) 0,4 37 1|2|3 NR6769-14105644-ES
CD-TRIPLE_2ARG_2LOWE_CARR?1 Triple 2 Low E >=25mm(>=1) 1,19 (0,21) 0,31 31 1|2|3 NR6769-14105645-ES
CD-TRIPLE_2ARG_2LOWE_CARR<1 Triple 2 Low E <25mm(<1) 1,14 (0,2) 0,35 34 1|2|3 NR6769-14105646-ES

1 U factor – W/m2-K (Btu/h ft2-F): Indicates the rate of a material's transfer of heat. The lower the U factor, the higher the window's performance.

2 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Indicates the solar energy that can pass through the window. The higher the coefficient, the higher the window's performance.

3 ER factor: Indicates a window's global energy efficiency. The higher the ER factor, the higher the window's performance.

R factor: Indicates the degree of resistance in a material's temperature transfer. The higher the R factor, the higher the window's performance.

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