It's spring! This is the season of choice for beginning renovation projects or even constructing new homes. Inevitably, you will have to head to a store to choose your doors and windows. What are the costs associated with these purchases and what kind of budget should we set aside?

This is a very difficult question to answer without knowing the scope of your project. Is it an addition? In that case, new products will need to blend with existing ones. Are you changing windows on the main floor or in the basement as well? Are you changing your patio door as well as the doors and windows on your shed? Is it a new home construction? If so, you must choose your doors and windows in terms of the style of your house. How many products do you want to purchase?

Let's start with windows. If you are choosing white PVC windows, it will be more economical than hybrid products (PVC/aluminium) or painted products. The current trend is leaning towards coloured windows. In addition, for a standard single-family home, we find various window models: casement, awning, hung, sliding or architectural. Options that may have an impact on the price are:

  • stainless steel hardware;
  • choice of bars or grilles;
  • triple glass;
  • etc.

For doors, prices also vary depending on whether you choose a white, standard steel door or a trendier model. Keep in mind that your door adds considerable charm to your home. You may also add:

  • sidelight or transom windows;
  • colour;
  • stained glass, mouldings, handles;
  • etc.

Today, door and window manufacturers manufacture custom products. Costs vary depending on the manufacturer as other criteria such as quality or performance.

You should also know that the majority of stores propose AccordD-type financing and often offer promotions. Tax credits are sometimes available and lot pricing is also a possibility. Finally, installation is always an additional cost. Contact one of our retailers in order to discuss about a realistic budget, depending on your project.