Depending on fashions and the latest trends, some colours are more popular when it comes to window products. Regardless, window and door colours have become key decorative elements in any home. Since these colours influence your home’s overall appearance, it’s important to coordinate them carefully with your style, whether contemporary, country or Victorian.

The following are some tips for selecting the right colours knowing that harmony of materials is sure to enhance your property’s appearance… and that the wrong choices can spoil the effect you’re trying to achieve!

Nous vous partageons quelques trucs et astuces afin de choisir la bonne couleur, car une harmonie des matières rehausserait certes l’apparence de votre maison, mais le contraire pourrait la gâcher!

TIP #1 for choosing the right window colours: Consider any ground rules

Most house plans combine window colours—usually either very dark or white—with a door colour that is complimentary or stands out in some way. If you’re taking on a renovation project, the issue of colours is an inevitable part of the shopping process. Regardless, the final decision is entirely up to you. Have fun exploring the entire colour palette, keeping in mind that options may vary depending on factors such as window materials, the manufacturer and even your municipality. Do check for any guidelines, as city planning rules may require you to choose from certain colours or may restrict the use of overly distinctive hues.

TIP #2: Consider the impression you want to make

In recent years, homeowners have been leaning towards darker shades for their house exteriors. But it’s important to look beyond trends and ask yourself what kind of ambiance you want to create. Dark colours help to create contrast along with an impression of elegance, refinement and warmth. Brighter hues, meanwhile, tend to have a decluttering effect and bring energy, pop and light.

Have you also taken a good look at the existing colours on your house exterior? It’s important to find balance among the colours of the various structural components:

  • Roof
  • Soffit
  • Siding
  • Garage door
  • Eaves
  • Stucco
  • etc.

TIP #3: Be specific

So you’ve decided on brown for your windows? Don’t stop there! There are countless shades of brown to choose from: espresso, nutmeg, chestnut... And the same applies to other colours, from blue (midnight, ocean, periwinkle...) to grey (cement, graphite, charcoal...) and even white (pure, chalk, vanilla...). As you explore the available shades, you may find yourself chuckling at some of the paint names—think “Baby Turtle,” “Mown Grass”... or how about “Grandma’s Refrigerator”?

Or do you find yourself leaning more towards “Black Pepper” from Benjamin Moore or “Seashore Pebble” from Sico? Like some other manufacturers, Vaillancourt Doors and Windows is equipped to custom-produce any shade of your choosing. Simply provide us the colour code, and we’ll use colour match technology to do the rest. This method is also ideal for heritage homes originally built with windows in yellow, purple or any of many other shades. These hues can now be recreated to match a home’s timeless character.

Be sure to drop by a store or showroom and pick up a sample to ensure your chosen colour is reproduced accurately. Never rely on a picture in a brochure or an image on a website, as the risk of variation due to the type of paper or computer monitor settings is too high. To view the most accurate representation of a colour, look at the sample while outdoors. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, for selected standard colours, we can provide a factory-painted sample featuring exactly the same paint used on windows.

TIP #4: Explore the possibilities

Painting your front door a different colour from the windows creates a distinctive look. You may also decide to stick with classic shades on the rear of your house while going with something more original out front to catch people’s eye. And have you thought about your options for the indoors of your home? White is the traditional go-to colour for windows. That being said, you may also decide on a different colour for your window interiors versus the exteriors. Coordinate it with your floors, railings, trim and light fixtures to create a uniform or contrasting effect. This can be a powerful decorative element on its own!

Lastly, find out about the manufacturer’s paint warranty. It would be unfortunate to watch your dream colour lose its sheen within a few short years. The good news is that all Vaillancourt Doors and Windows paints are guaranteed for life!

With endless options available to you, narrowing down your choices can be a challenge. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, visit our gallery for inspiration, and take all the time you need before making your decision… you’ll probably be living with these colours for a while.