Buying windows for a renovation or construction project is an essential investment. After all, the style of your home and your long-term comfort depend on it! Here is a list of things to consider before buying your windows, for clearer decision-making.

1. Get permission from your municipality

In order to preserve architectural harmony, municipalities are asking homeowners to respect the style as well as certain construction norms. This is often the case when the home being renovated is ancestral and is registered as Quebecois heritage. So this is the first step: find out more information about rules, colours, and installation norms that should be observed, before you proceed to buy windows.

2. Place your project in good hands

  • Certified installers

Installing windows is a delicate step that requires rigour and great expertise. Make sure that you reach out to professionals certified by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). In addition to this validation, a good contractor also has a manufacturer certification. Vaillancourt Doors and Windows can help you in this process and recommend the best installation services.

  • A seasoned manufacturer

Of course, the quality of the materials you buy is fundamental. In all sectors, we measure product excellence by the experience of its manufacturers, often calculated in number of years. It’s with time that knowledge, skills and techniques improve.

Our multigenerational enterprise, Vaillancourt Doors and Windows is celebrating its 70 years in business.

3. Find out about warranties

A long-term warranty demonstrates that the manufacturer has no doubts about the excellence of his products: he is committed to the sustainability and robustness of his materials. A good warranty is a symbol of quality. Of course, the warranty is linked to the type of material and to what we can expect in terms of sustainability. A long-term purchase, such as a window, should have a good warranty.

4. Ensure the energy efficiency of your future windows and get a tax credit

A highly energy efficient window can lower drafts due to infiltrations, conserve indoor heat, increase comfort and considerably reduce the electricity bill while being environmentally friendly.

The type of glass used contributes enormously to energy efficiency. The triple-glass option, for instance, allows considerable energy savings. The government of Quebec encourages homeowners who wish to improve their home’s energy efficiency by offering a tax credit called RénoVert. Choose ENERGY STAR® windows to get this tax credit.

5. Carefully choose PVC or hybrid materials

Very popular and recognized for its energy efficiency, PVC is also affordable. But depending on the region where you are located, a hybrid window may be more adapted to your needs. On top of PVC, a hybrid window is also equipped with aluminium, a particularly robust material that withstands heavy wind pressure. The hybrid window is therefore ideal for homes in windy areas.

6. Look for after-sales customer service quality

Customer service is measured by staff friendliness and by their responsiveness. If you believe that you’ve been well informed in the process of your purchase, you can also count on the quality of after sale customer service. It should be reactive and efficient.

For other questions regarding your windows renovation project, please talk to one of our Vaillancourt Doors and Windows specialists.