To support our workforce and buying locally, we have made the commitment of offering our clients doors and windows that are 100% Quebec-made: a guarantee of quality and proven value.

Doors and windows that are designed, manufactured and assembled in Quebec

We are proud to design, manufacture and assemble our doors and windows in Quebec. Why? We place great importance on buying locally as much as possible, for ourselves and our clients. Raw materials, human resources, production: everything is related. All our products are:

  • sold mainly in Quebec
  • manufactured at our facility in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham
  • assembled by our employees in the Centre-du-Quebec region
  • delivered primarily by our own trucks

Our parts, materials and hardware are all from here, too

We source all our doors and windows from Quebec only, down to the smallest screw. Here are the sources of some of our materials, parts and hardware items:

  • PVC from Anjou
  • Aluminium from Saint-Nicolas
  • Glass from Quebec City
  • Paint from Anjou
  • Wood jamb extensions from Warwick
  • Hardware from Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon
  • Screws from Lachine
  • Reinforcements from Saint-Gilles
  • Sealant from Montreal
  • Neoprene spacers from Laval
  • Etc!
We are proud to source in Quebec in addition to designing, manufacturing and assembling all our products in Quebec.

Our logo is 100% Quebec-made, too: a guarantee of our commitment

In order to position ourselves and clearly identify ourselves as local manufacturers, we designed a logo that is 100% Quebec-made. A unique way to stand out and show our pride in working with such great people across La Belle Province... to benefit all Quebeckers!

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