Updating your doors and windows is obviously a very effective way to improve their energy performance while also giving your home a fresh new look. Have you already settled on the models, materials and colours? Excellent! Before finalizing your order, you now have one more key factor to consider: installation.

Installing your doors and windows is the last step before you can start enjoying them—and the importance of proper installation cannot be overstated. Incorrectly installed doors and windows can create all kinds of problems down the road. In fact, more than 20% of all service calls are generated by improper product installation.

What are the benefits of proper door and window installation?

Performance and seal

Proper installation of your doors and windows means that you can enjoy superior efficiency and energy performance as well as an optimal seal against moisture and air infiltration. An improperly installed door or window can let in drafts or even allow moisture infiltration that eventually leads to mould development.

Product performance is not the only factor compromised by poor installation: the mechanisms on your doors and windows can also be affected. Rubbing due to improper installation can quickly cause damage to device mechanisms. Water infiltration can also lead to a host of problems, such as rust spots on the hardware. Proper installation can also help to protect mechanisms from wearing out prematurely.


Proper installation is good for your products in that it helps to maximize their lifespan. It’s also important to keep in mind that improper installation can void product warranties—service departments will require that you correct any installation issues before providing warranty service. Prompt, worry-free service: another reason to ensure that your products are correctly installed!

To guide you in making informed choices when it comes to installing your doors and windows, here are some factors to consider when proceeding with installation.

Proper installation, one step at a time

Take measurements

To ensure proper installation, ensure that a professional comes to your house and takes measurements. This is a task requiring great attention to detail, which is why it should be done by the installation team of the manufacturer or your private installer. This will minimize from the start the risk of any surprises later.

Prepare the openings

After removing the old doors and windows, the openings should be subjected to a full inspection to ensure that all materials are in good condition. It is critical to identify any issues immediately so that corrective action can be taken before installing the new products. For example, moisture can occasionally infiltrate the wood and cause mould to form, which can lead to future complications. In addition, structural elements can become warped over the years. It is therefore essential to ensure that the uprights, lintel and apron are positioned properly to prevent undue pressure on the product.

Install the products

Once the openings are ready, installation of the doors and windows can proceed. The space between frame and structure needs to be insulated to prevent air infiltration. Fibre insulation and polyurethane foam should be used for this purpose. Care should be taken to ensure that neither material is compressed, which reduces its efficiency. Compressed insulation also creates additional pressure on the frame, increasing the risk of warping.

The window should then be caulked to prevent any drafts or water infiltration. This step is critical for preventing deterioration of the materials.

Finish the installation

Finishing is an essential step during which proper installation is verified. For example, your doors and windows should open and close easily and silently. If opening or closing a door or window is difficult or makes an odd noise, it could be an installation issue.

Rely on experts!

The simplest way to ensure that every step of the installation process is performed with care and precision is, of course, to use the services of a team of professionals who have completed FIT – Window Installer Training through the Association de vitrerie et fenestration du Québec (AVFQ). This program ensures that installers are trained to Canadian Standards Association standard CSA-A440.4-07, Window, door, and skylight installation. Besides this certification, skilled installers are also certified by the product manufacturer.

Our retailers and representatives can guide you through this process and recommend an installer to replace your doors and windows.

There! Now that you’ve chosen an expert and ordered your products, all that’s left is to get ready for installation day.


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