Have you been thinking about refreshing your home’s exterior look? Then you already know that updating your doors and windows will have huge impact in this regard. Are you feeling daring or conservative? Either way, you’ve got plenty of options.

Your front door reflects your home’s identity, giving it polish, prestige and elegance. And your windows? You may think of them from a more practical than esthetic viewpoint. However, although they perform an essential role in terms of security, insulation and protection, they can also enhance and rejuvenate the style of your home.

Let’s start with your front door. Whether it’s solid or panelled (embossed), it can be combined with a wide variety of materials (textured, carved, screen-printed, satin-finished, with integrated blind, etc.) and come in a range of configurations. It can also be painted in the colour of your choice, even a different colour from the windows if that’s your style! Other options:

  • materials: steel
  • size and opening direction
  • added sidelights and transom windows
  • black or clear anodized finish
  • exterior mouldings or accessories (e.g. decorative shelf)
  • hardware: hinges, latches, handles, levers and deadbolts in various finishes (e.g. satin, matte, polished) and colours (bronze, nickel, chrome, etc.)

Now let’s move on to the windows. You’ll want to choose a style that suits your home’s architecture while also reflecting current trends and your personal tastes. And keep in mind that you can always have the indoor frames painted a different colour from the outdoor! Other considerations:

We advise aiming for natural harmony among the various materials making up your home’s façade while also preserving the overall style. That said, adding an original, modern touch may also create the stunning effect that you seek.

Purchasing doors and windows is much more than a matter of style. Additional criteria to consider include your budget, the product warranty and energy efficiency. Proper installation is also critical for maximizing the performance of any new product. For more information, contact one of our experts, who will be pleased to help you identify the best options for your project.