As winter approaches, do you start noticing that your older windows are letting cold air into your house? Do you shudder at the thought of spending another frigid winter with drafty windows? Don’t worry, spending long hours sealing yourself in with plastic insulating film isn’t your only solution: it’s not too late to get your windows replaced. Windows can be installed year-round, and the winter season provides an ideal opportunity to take advantage of all the comfort that new windows offer. Here are 5 advantages of getting your windows replaced during the winter.

1. Greater comfort

Every year as soon as another winter descends upon Quebec, we all start looking forward to movie nights at home in our cozy living rooms. But what can do you if annoying drafts from old windows are ruining your evenings? The cold air can quickly become unbearable. Fortunately, getting your windows replaced during the winter helps to reduce heat loss and air infiltration, giving you a chance to enjoy chilly winter days in the comfort of your home.

2. Lower energy consumption

Installing new windows in the winter doesn’t compromise their energy efficiency whatsoever. Since they’re designed specifically for our winters, they’re rugged, energy-efficient and effective insulators. This means that they help to reduce drafts due to infiltration and keep the heat indoors while also helping to reduce your heating costs significantly—up to 10%—while you enjoy the cozy comfort you deserve.

3. Prompt installation

Winters are generally a slower time in the construction and renovation industry. As a result, production and delivery wait times are typically shorter. Fewer orders mean that we’re able to manufacture windows for installation during the winter with minimal delay.

4. Greater scheduling flexibility

In the winter, the wait time for installation is also much shorter. Installers have a lighter workload, which makes them more available, and so you can have your windows installed more promptly. In case of bad weather, it’s also easier to reschedule appointments. Note that windows cannot be installed when the weather is extremely cold (below -15°C) or during snow or ice storms. It’s important to keep in mind that appointments sometimes have to be rescheduled in the summer as well due to rain or strong winds. In the winter, however, when the installation calendar has more openings, there’s more flexibility when appointments have to be rescheduled.

5. Potential price savings

Last but not least, during slower periods, you may be able to take advantage of even more competitive pricing. Many manufacturers frequently offer attractive promotions to encourage customers to get their windows replaced during the winter. Since renovations can be costly, this is a perfect opportunity to save some money.

You can also enjoy all of these benefits without worrying about compromising your comfort at home: our professional installation teams are accustomed to winter installations and follow specific procedures. Each window is entirely replaced within 20 to 30 minutes, and openings are filled in less than 15 minutes to limit any heat loss from your home. When installing new windows is this easy, why spend another winter shivering in your home?