Good question! Many factors can have an impact on the lifespan of your house’s components, notably weather conditions and frequency of maintenance. However, it’s possible to estimate the average lifespan of various components based on their use.

Aspects to consider

It’s very important to take into account how well your home’s various components have been maintained. The more regular the maintenance, the longer the materials are going to last. They should also be of high quality, be designed to withstand your climate and provide an effective moisture seal. This is because moisture is one of the most damaging factors when it comes to the durability of building materials: it can make concrete crumble, steel corrode and wood rot if they are not robust enough, effectively protected and properly maintained over the years. Whenever you purchase materials, you should ensure that they’re sufficiently:

  • durable
  • strong; and
  • water resistant.

Exterior doors and windows: 20 to 30 years

PVC or aluminum windows can last up to 25 years, or much longer than the average lifespan of wooden windows, which is just 15 years. Meanwhile, a front door made of aluminum or steel can be expected to last approximately 20 years. PVC is particularly rugged, lasting as long as 30 years. The same applies to aluminum, which often has a lifespan of 20 years or longer. This is what makes either PVC or aluminum an excellent choice of materials.

Wooden flooring: A lifetime of enjoyment

With proper care, hardwood flooring is durable enough to last indefinitely, unlike engineered wood or other types of flooring such as vinyl. That being said, styles change, and not everyone wants their floors to look exactly the same for decades. In other words, the lifespan of materials doesn’t always depend on their durability—it can also depend on your personal inspiration.

Plumbing: 40 years

Supply and waste systems should have almost the same lifespan as the average elephant, lasting up to 40 years! However, this depends greatly on maintenance, especially winterization measures. Bathtubs and toilets, meanwhile, have a maximum useful life of 15 to 20 years.

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