As Vaillancourt Doors and Windows marks its 75th anniversary, we decided to offer a behind-the-door look at the history of this small door and window company that has become one of Quebec’s 300 largest small and medium enterprises.

Made from the heart in Drummondville

Vaillancourt Doors and Windows is a family-owned and operated business spanning the generations.

It all began in Drummondville in the garage of Raymond Vaillancourt, who started out making windows on evenings and weekends before launching his own business in 1947.

Réal Vaillancourt followed in his father’s footsteps, as did his own sons, Pierre and Carl. Today, Pierre’s children, Mérédith and Jeffrey, already also work at the company in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham.

This means that four generations of Vaillancourts have contributed to the continuing success of this family business!

Working with people in our province

At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we understand the importance of creating jobs in our region, and we couldn’t be prouder to work with people right here in our province.

From human resources to production to marketing, we even use our own trucks to deliver our products across Quebec!

Our company currently has more than 235 employees, many of whom have been with us for more than 25 or, in a few cases, 45 years or even longer. Our amazing team can expect a year full of surprises to mark our 75th anniversary. A memorable year of employee recognition starts now!

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Promoting Quebec-made

We’ve been putting our region first for 75 years, ensuring that our doors and windows are all designed, manufactured, assembled and marketed in Quebec. From our perspective, buying locally just makes sense. And for us and our customers, it’s a win-win!

Locally sourced materials

We’re extremely proud to be the only door and window manufacturer that sources its materials exclusively in Quebec. What’s more, most of our suppliers have been working with us for years.

Our paint and PVC come from Anjou, our hardware from Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, our aluminum from Saint-Nicolas, and the list goes on!

Committed to our community

Besides creating local jobs and buying locally, we’re involved in our community. From working directly with local non-profit organizations to helping out at sports events, the Vaillancourt Doors and Windows team walks the walk when it comes to going the extra mile for causes that matter to us!

Some examples:

  • Fondation René-Verrier: Vaillancourt Doors and Windows was proud to donate the doors and windows toward the construction of the palliative care facility Maison René-Verrier. We also take part in their annual fund-raising efforts such as the poinsettia campaign.
  • Fondation de la Tablée populaire (partner of the Maison L’Union-Vie home lottery since 2001): For 20 years now, we’ve been supplying the doors and windows for the Loto-Maison UV Assurance lottery home.
  • Centre de loisirs de Saint-Germain: Vaillancourt Doors and Windows is also actively involved with our local recreation centre and played a role in the construction of new tennis courts and even a skatepark bearing the Vaillancourt name!

Inspired by our story? Check out our gallery or visit our online showroom to see what 75 years of expertise, performance and style looks like.

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