Did you know that PVC is the most common polymer in the world, and also one of the oldest? It was discovered in the 19th century and has greatly evolved since with more and more eco-friendly and highly resistant properties. For doors and windows, but also for various construction materials, PVC is an excellent choice.

1. It is used in all models

Known for its unique flexibility, PVC adapts to all types of windows and styles. Casement, awning, hung, sliding and architectural windows or patio doors - all models use PVC. In terms of colour, you can let your imagination run wild and choose the colour of your dreams, thanks to the Vaillancourt Doors and Windows paint chamber on the cutting edge of technology that guarantees exceptional quality.

2. Renown for its energy performance

Good insulation for doors and windows is crucial for economic reasons, but also for comfort and environmental concerns. Thanks to its thick chambers that hold in immobile air, PVC offers the best insulation for windows. Efficient glass reinforces these high-performance insulation properties as well.

3. It is more eco-friendly than you may think

Contrary to public opinion, PVC is listed among the top eco-friendly construction materials. This notion is backed by a study led by researchers commissioned by the US Green Building Council(USGBC), responsible for attributing LEED certification for renewable buildings. They established an analysis of the life cycle of PVC compared to other materials such as wood, steel, linoleum and aluminium. PVC is the most durable of all. Its long life cycle (40-50 years) compensates for the energy and resources used to produce it. In addition, PVC is 100% recyclable (source: Voir Vert (French only)).

4. It is the most economical choice for doors and windows

The cost aspect plays an important role when choosing materials. PVC is considered to be one of the most affordable and long-term cost effective products for doors and windows. Did you know that maintenance costs for wooden windows over a 25-year period are higher than those of PVC? Of course, you must always perform upkeep on components in order to use them for as long as possible.

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