Cleaning and maintaining windows can become a real chore when the opening and closing mechanism is complex. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, our windows are designed to make life easy for you; regardless of the window type, manoeuvring panels is a breeze! By maintaining your windows on a regular basis, you’ll prolong their life and ensure they remain sparkling and beautiful for many years to come.

Clean the window frame

Hybrid or PVC windows are very easy to maintain. All it takes is a little water and mild soap! Avoid using bleach or abrasive products, as these may erode the colour or damage the finish on your window frames. If the frames are aluminum, they too require very little maintenance; in fact, the same advice applies as for PVC windows – warm water and a little soap. Before you begin washing, a quick vacuuming will remove the dust that tends to collect in the grooves of the frames.

A trick of the trade

If your window frames have become marked, use a little baking soda. When diluted in water, it’s highly effective in removing grease, oil and other stubborn stains.

Wash the glass panes

If you do not have window cleaner or if you prefer to use a more environmentally-friendly solution, dilute white vinegar in a bucket of water, and use a sponge to wash the glass panes. Then, wipe the panes dry with a soft cloth. If you have a microfiber cloth, even better! You can also use it to clean the corners and window ledges.  

Lubricate the hardware

To ensure the window hardware continues to work smoothly for a long time to come, lubricate the closing mechanisms and crank handles once each season. A silicone-based aerosol lubricant such as Jig-A-Loo is perfect for this job.

In summary:

  • Vacuum the grooves in the window frames to remove all dust;
  • Dilute mild soap in a bucket of warm water;
  • Start by washing the PVC or aluminum frame with a soft sponge;
  • Change the water and rinse your sponge before cleaning the glass;
  • Dilute white vinegar in water, and clean the glass using the sponge;
  • Rinse with clean water;
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth;
  • Lubricate the hardware once each season.

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