Winter is even lovelier when you can count on the heat and comfort of your home. But to ensure your well-being throughout the cold season, some preparations are essential. Follow our advice to take advantage of the effectiveness of your doors and windows!

1. Clean your windows

A snowy landscape is better appreciated through sparkling clean windows. More than just a question of aesthetics, clean windows enhance natural light penetration and its multiple health benefits. To clean your windows, wipe with dry rag first to get rid of the dust, then wash them with a soapy wet rag.

2. Remove mosquito nets

Removing mosquito nets will improve air circulation while reducing condensation—it’s inevitable in this season—and allowing heat to warm up the windows. Take this opportunity get rid of accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner, then clean the mosquito nets with a wet rag and smooth, non-abrasive soap. They will be as new next spring!

3. Lubricate your hardware—bolts, hinges, or any other moving piece

It’s important to lubricate the hardware on your doors and windows before each winter. First, clean them with soapy water and rinse them to avoid soap deposits inside the mechanisms. Then, lubricate the hinges with a silicon-based lubricant.

4. Check the scellant on the exterior joints

When the joints on your doors and windows are damaged, whether from use or bad weather, you’re exposed to the risk of water infiltration. Inspecting joints before winter can prevent bad surprises: check that your joints are not becoming unglued or that they aren’t torn. If they need to be replaced, take them out completely and clean the surface before re-caulking your doors and/or windows.

If you have any question regarding the maintenance of your doors and windows or the range of our products, get in touch with the Vaillancourt Doors and Windows retailer closest to you.