As spring puts out its feelers, many of us start watching our yards excitedly for the patches of green that inevitably appear as the snow begins to retreat. However, this can also lead to disappointment when we see any damage caused by the snow and cold. No need to panic! Your property can be restored to its usual springtime splendour within a single weekend. And the sooner you roll up your sleeves, the more time you’ll have later to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Outdoors: General inspection

Take a walk around your property and check the condition of all exterior structures, including:

  • roof: look for any missing or damaged shingles
  • gutters: this is a good time to clear them of debris
  • paint: does it need any touch-ups or a fresh coat?

Indoors: Let the sunshine in!

Take advantage of the first nice day to throw open your doors and windows and clear out the stale winter air!

Dust all surfaces, including the nooks and crannies that often get overlooked. Air out your rugs and mattresses, and even the box springs if possible!

Inspect your ventilation systems and check all filters. They’ll need to be in good working order this summer!

For best results, a thorough spring cleaning is most likely in order, but don’t make your to-do list so long that you end up feeling overwhelmed. Tackle it one room at a time while also taking the time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

In between: Prepping doors and windows in 4 easy steps

This part is easy: just repeat the tasks you performed to get your doors and windows ready for winter:

  1. Clean all windows, wiping them down with a dry cloth to remove the dust that accumulated over the winter and then washing them using plenty of hot, sudsy water.
  2. Now is the time to reinstall the screens that you removed late last fall. If you didn’t do so at the time, remove any encrusted dirt using a vacuum cleaner and then wipe down the screens with a wet cloth and a gentle, non-abrasive detergent. They will look like new!
  3. Take advantage of the opportunity to lubricate all hardware—locks, hinges and any other moving parts—with a silicone-based lubricant. This should be done twice a year.
  4. Inspect all sealing joints for any sealant that may have cracked or lifted during the winter. If it needs to be replaced, remove it entirely and clean the surfaces before recaulking your doors and windows.

Are you thinking of upgrading your doors or windows this year? Contact one of our Vaillancourt Doors and Windows specialists for advice.