Loft Patio Door

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

This panoramic patio door combines composite thermal barriers and an innovative sealing system to offer remarkable energy efficiency. It is engineered with structural integrity to withstand shocks, wind loads and the toughest climates. The Loft patio door is ENERGY STAR® certified.

Easier Than Ever

Bring the outdoors in effortlessly! The mechanism of this lift & slide door pivots upon opening to raise the door on its track. The system becomes frictionless and the large panel glides quietly and effortlessly. Its aluminum surface is also maintenance-free and corrosion and scratch-resistant.

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Loft Patio Door - white

Loft Patio Door - black

Loft Patio Door - asymmetric

Available options

Available options

Loft Patio Door

Choice of Opening Mechanisms and Sizes

A full range of symmetric/asymmetric configurations and sizes are available to suit the needs of your space.

* Exterior view. X = Opening panel, O = Fixed panel.

6 feet
7 feet asymmetric

Handles (Hardware)

The Kora lift & slide handle with triple-point mortise is designed to offer maximum security. It is available in a range of elegant finishes, from black or white to brushed chrome (optional). It can also be painted in the colour of your choice.


Lift & Slide Mechanism

The Loft patio door’s lift & slide mechanism easily accommodates oversized panels without any concern for the panel weight on the mechanism. When you raise the handle, the door slides on its track. When you lower the handle, the door is lowered as well and its weatherstripping is compressed on the sill to keep the door in place.

Unlimited Choice of Colours

Your colour options are endless! Here are some of the most popular shades. And if you don’t see what you want among our 30+ standard colours, simply bring us a sample and we’ll create it for you!

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Asymmetric Configuration

Create huge visual impact in your space with an asymmetric configuration: a narrow opening panel and wide fixed panel. Besides being the latest design trend, this treatment is ideal for homeowners seeking to maximize the “wow” factor of an oversized patio door combined with easy operation.

Technical information

Technical information

Loft Patio Door

Loft Patio Door

Durable Galvanized Steel Reinforcement

The door uprights are reinforced with steel for superior strength and durability.

Expansive Glass Surface

The Loft patio door is equipped with a minimalist 3” frame for maximum glass surface area.

Energy Efficiency

This patio door model is equipped with a low thermal conductivity spacer. Its triple-sealed LowE glass offers outstanding thermal resistance with a warm-edge spacer technology.

Aluminum Frame and Panels

The aluminum construction and thermal barriers of this patio door’s frame and panels give it an exceptional durability. This material makes it corrosion, cold and heat-resistant. An attractive, maintenance-free option for coloured doors!

Sleek Visual Impact

Its hardware finish gives it a clean look and a superior performance.

Anodized Aluminum Sill

The anodized aluminum sill offers improved durability and supports fast drainage.