R-630 Patio Door

Superior Energy Efficiency

Beyond its contemporary style and multitude of features, this patio door is durable and offers low thermal conductivity. Its wood-free crosspieces also resist water and air infiltration. It is designed to provide superior energy efficiency that meets the ENERGY STAR® standard.

Easy Installation and Perfect Finish

The R-630 patio door comes in 2 standard frame sizes combined with 3 different frame extensions that make it easy to install in just about any type of wall construction. Exterior finish mouldings are also compatible with all types of coatings. It is designed to simplify installation in any construction project.

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R-630 Patio Door - white

Available options

Available options

R-630 Patio Door

Choice of Opening Mechanisms and Sizes

A full range of opening mechanisms and sizes are available to suit the needs of your space.

* Exterior view. X = Opening panel, O = Fixed panel.

5 feet
6 feet

Frames and Moulding

Standard frames (2 depths available), frame extensions and drywall moulding available. Essential for filling the space between the patio door and interior wall.

Standard frames
Frame extensions

Handles (Hardware)

Our standard handle features straight lines and sharp angles for a contemporary style that blends in with any decor. Soft curves in the right places ensure a comfortable grip. It can be painted in the colour of your choice.


Customized Locking Mechanism

Your patio door’s locking mechanism is customizable: choose a single, two-point or even a keyed lock.

Threshold Lock for Enhanced Protection

Add a 3-position threshold locking bar for even greater security. You can also use this lock to secure your patio door in a slightly open position.

Strong Security Bar

Equip your patio door with a strong security bar with an adjustable end cap that effectively blocks the door’s sliding mechanism. An additional and reassuring security measure!

Unlimited Choice of Colours

Your colour options are endless! Here are some of the most popular shades. And if you don’t see what you want among our 30+ standard colours, simply bring us a sample, and we’ll create it for you!

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Sidelights and Transom Windows to Brighten your Home

To let maximum light into your home, add sidelights and transom windows to your patio doors for even more glass surfaces! Multiple configurations are available for the R-630 model.

Technical information

Technical information

R-630 Patio Door

R-630 Patio Door

All-PVC Frame and Panels

The all-PVC multi-chamber patio door frames ensures structural integrity and an excellent energy performance. PVC is also durable and easy to maintain.

Sturdy Side Jambs

The PVC side jambs are reinforced with a pine insert that gives this patio door extra strength and keeps it straight during installation.

Maximized Glass Surface

With its narrow panel design and large glass surface, the R‑630 door blends into any architectural style and offers an unobstructed view.

Energy Efficiency

This patio door model is equipped with double-glazed tempered glass. The 1″ Low E glass offers outstanding thermal resistance with the use of warm-edge spacer technology.

Enhanced Security

The uprights feature steel reinforcements for your security and peace of mind.

Wood-Free Sill and Header

The R‑630’s PVC crosspieces resist water infiltration and safeguard against any deterioration, resulting in a longer-lasting door.