There are many reasons why light is one of the first things people consider when buying or building a home. Not only does natural light enhance our homes, it also has a positive effect on many aspects of our personality. Just a few years ago, scientific studies confirmed its positive impact on health.

1. It gives us an energy boost

Sunlight can recharge our batteries. Think about how in the summer, when the days are longer, we have the energy to tackle plenty of things after work! This is partly because UV rays contain vitamin D. Furthermore, sunlight can also boost our immunity, protecting us from certain cancers.

2. It helps us have clearer ideas

Natural light stimulates our brain: comparative studies in schools have shown that an abundance of natural light can affect student performance. In fact, results show that “students who work in very bright, sunlit classrooms improve their reading score by 26% and their mathematical score by 20%”! With this in mind, many eco-friendly public sector projects now make a point of integrating natural lighting.

3. It has therapeutic virtues

We all know that a well-lit environment helps us relax and makes us feel better. There’s a reason we often choose sunny destinations for our holidays! It’s also why luminotherapy is increasingly used to treat anxiety disorders, short-term depression, and fatigue. It works by using a special light that imitates sunlight and has the same benefits.

4. Better energy efficiency

Natural light is good both for our health and our home. It can help us save significantly on energy costs by taking advantage of sunlight. However, glass quality is crucial here: to maximize gains, choose windows with LOW-E membranes that reflect external heat inside during the winter, and block UV rays in the summer.

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