When we decide to renovate the windows, 4 criteria are essential: strength, durability, energy efficiency and, of course, style. It is out of the question to bypass style, because windows add undeniable charm to our home! Follow the advice we offer to gain the admiration of everyone in your neighbourhood.

1. Play with constrast

The most beautiful world monuments mix old and new. Why not try it at your house? If you are renovating an ancestral home, do not hesitate to choose modern-style windows. You will like the combination of materials. For example, PVC windows blend perfectly with a stone wall.

2. Show your true colours

You can also create contrast with your choice of colours. We tend to prefer neutral tones in our construction materials. However, when you stop to contemplate the beauty of a home, don't you think it is original to have windows that blend with the colour of the walls you are admiring? You must be careful to respect municipal by-laws, so contact your municipality to learn if you have the freedom to use the colour of your choice.

3. Make the interior stand out from the exterior

This may not be the first idea that pops into your head, but applying and exterior colour that differs from the interior colour allows you to find the best of both worlds. Inside, we tend to prefer neutral and bright colours, white being the colour of choice, generally speaking. But outside, as we mentioned earlier, we enjoy using high-contrast colour that highlights creativity. Vaillancourt Doors and Windows is equipped with a high-tech paint chamber that offers an unlimited choice of colours. Come see us and have fun experimenting with daring colour combinations.

4. Choose an old-fashioned style

At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, there is something for everyone. With little square panes and geometric shapes, architectural windows offer a pretty, old-fashioned and unique look to your home. Know that we design custom frames that can respond to all your wishes.

For other questions relating to your window renovation project, contact one of our Vaillancourt Doors and Windows specialists.