When we look at our windows, we primarily see the frame, glass and, if present, the screen. However, to ensure your comfort and your home's insulation, additional elements must be added to these 3 basic ones. For Vaillancourt Doors and Windows' 70th anniversary, we are lifting the veil on one of our flagship products by presenting 7 of its components.

1. The glass

Let's start with the most obvious, but with some precisions. The glass differs according to the product and may be simple, double or triple. From a technical standpoint, when there are double glass panes assembled, we use the term thermos or sealed units. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we prefer double or triple glass (thermos or sealed glass), not only for their superior energy performance, but also because they meet Energy Star standards required for energy-efficient products.

2. Window frame

At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we propose PVC or hybrid (made from aluminium & PVC) window frames. The frame is of utmost importance. That is why we choose strong materials that are weather resistant and renowned for their insulating qualities.

3. Low-E membrane

The low-emission (or low-e) membrane is a film integrated into the glass between 2 glass panes in order to reinforce the window's insulation performance. This membrane can help avoid heat loss during winter and reduce the greenhouse effect in summer.

4. Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping is a sealed joint that serves to seal the openings and bridge little gaps in order to maximize reduction of air and water infiltration. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we fabricate flexible weatherstripping to ensure superior caulking. They are interchangeable if necessary and black to avoid discolouration.

5. Steel reinforcement

In our region that is subject to such harsh meteorological conditions, we have an interest in solidifying our materials. Our windows are equipped with steel reinforcement that withstands extreme weather conditions.

6. The screen

Insect protection is essential and screens are an eco-friendly choice that ensure natural ventilation and easy air exchange. Vaillancourt Doors and Windows prefer fiberglass mounting systems with enamel aluminium frames that are strong and waterproof and can be cleaned easily.

7. Argon gas

In standard, double or triple glass, air circulates between the glass panes. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we use argon, an inert gas, that offers greater insulation and offers less heat conduction than air. In the past, this gas was used for buildings with extremely high energy efficiency.

The combination of all these elements offers a high-performance product that responds to all government standards in terms of environmental respect. To learn more about the energy performance of our windows, contact a Vaillancourt representative near you.