An entrance door has a big impact on people’s first impression of a house. It’s also essential to a well-insulated home. So when the time comes to choose a door, many questions come to mind. What sort of look are you aiming for? What material best suits your needs and tastes? With or without glass? Should you opt for a subdued colour or something bright? How can you be assured of the highest energy performance? We have the answers!

1. What material should I choose?

You want to make a sound investment, so you need a product that’s not only attractive but solid and durable as well. The robust steel and fibreglass doors from Vaillancourt Doors and Windows are among the most resilient on the market. In fact, fibreglass is an outstanding option, as it neither dents nor rusts, making it an excellent investment over the long term. Steel is sought after for its energy efficiency, a category in which it outperforms solid wood! Whether you select a steel or fibreglass entrance door, you’ll be assured of a strong and secure door that’s shock-resistant and capable of withstanding the whims of the weather.

2. How thick should my door be?

For maximum water-tightness and insulation, an entrance door should be at least 1-¾ inches thick. At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, our door thickness exceeds market standards.

3. How can I add a touch of style?

Vaillancourt Doors and Windows offers a wide range of glass inserts to enable you to complement the style of your house. Not only does glass add a personal touch to your entrance, it also allows natural light to flow in with no compromise made to privacy. If you’d like even more light or wish to further accentuate the charm of your entrance, consider adding window panels on either side of the door.

4. How can I make my house stand out?

Are you looking for a door that sets your home apart from others in the neighbourhood? Think colour! At Vaillancourt Doors and Windows, we offer an unlimited choice of colours. Our paint is also state-of-the-art, so the colour you select will remain fresh and bright for years to come. In fact, we guarantee our paint for life!

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