A patio door adds enormous charm to a condo or a home. Its large glass surface enhances the amount of natural daylight that enters the room. For smaller spaces, the sliding door mechanism is ideal: only light gets in the way. Numerous options are available to you: follow our guide on how to tell them apart and how to choose the best option.

PVC or hybrid - which material to choose?

In the past, PVC was considered of inferior quality compared to its counterparts. Today, the trend has leaned in its favour, because it offers all the qualities for good home insulation and is particularly resistant to harsh weather conditions. It is one of the best possible options because it adapts to all types of climates. And what's more, PVC requires very little maintenance.

Hybrid patio doors combine the advantages of PVC and aluminium. This combination is interesting because it brings out the best of both elements, meaning the durability of aluminium and the thermal performance of PVC. This enhances the strength of the frame. For this reason, the price is slightly higher. Hybrid doors offer the same qualities of resistance and waterproofing.

Customize your patio door

Of course, you can choose a standard model, but be advised that a multitude of possibilities are available to you to perfectly blend your patio door with your home's interior.

A splash of colour!

Vaillancourt Doors and Windows proposes an unlimited choice of colours for its products. Give them your own personal touch!

With or without transom windows

Transoms give your door and the interior of your home additional style, in addition to adding more light. They are located above the door, but can also be added as side panels on each side of the door.

With grilles

Patio doors with grills make a definite fashion statement. We generally add them when the room is very large and they blend particularly with country-style homes.

For additional information, head to your nearest retailer. A Vaillancourt Doors and Windows specialist will be happy to answer all your questions.

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